Okay, we’re 9 days into the new month and as I look back on my writing goals, I’m shaking my head. I did actually finish an edit to a book to send to critiquers, but that only showed me half a dozen scenes that need to be written/rewritten. I have about half of my nearly-polished book left to do a final edit on, but I’m hoping to submit it next week, so I’ll have to get my act together this weekend. (with my sister in town and a niece’s baptism Saturday I might need to sacrifice some sleep.)

As for the book I’m taking through my weekly critique group and am hoping to finish the major rewrites and editing on this month, well, I edited this week’s chapter. My group all wished I had edited it a bit more (one scene in particular seemed to go on forever when I started reading it aloud. Funny how that happens).

The good news is I had a really good chicken hatch last week, finally separated my younger chicken girls who are just starting to lay eggs from the boys, (I’ve been procrastinating this for weeks) and had a fabulous day out with my sisters. I learned how to decorate with fondant instead of frosting, which was pretty cool. I even bought a new dress to wear to the Whitney Awards in two weeks.

Anyone who still wants to register for the Storymaker‘s conference on the 24th and 25 (I highly recommend it for anyone who writes, or seriously want to write. It is well worth the time and money). The last day to register is April 15th–that’s next Wednesday. They are accepting Friday or Saturday attendees too, if you have commitments on one day or the other.

And finally, due to some staff shortages at my publisher, my book release for The Ball’s In Her Court has been pushed back from June to October, which is a bummer, but I know the economic downturn has affected lots of publishers, so I’m happy I still have a release planned for this book!

Hopefully next week I’ll have better news on the writing and editing front!