POD Like a Pro

You’ve written the best book you can, chosen the perfect title and are ready to launch it into the world, but there’s more to putting out a professional book than great writing. You could pay someone to do the typesetting for you, but you want to do it yourself, and you can’t afford expensive desktop publishing software.

No problem!

In this manual, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Word to make your book look as good on the inside as those published by traditional publishers. This manual is full of clear diagrams and covers subjects like:

Setting up page sizes and margins for your book
How to set up styles to make your text consistent
How to create your title page to match your cover
Inserting pictures and text boxes to create special effects
Using drop caps and dingbats

Plus tips and tricks most writers don’t know about professional page design and a full glossary of typesetting terms so the whole process makes more sense.

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Two-Rule Diet

Have you tried every diet out there and failed? Are you ready for one that:

Is easy to track

Allows you to eat a large variety in foods

Permits you to eat “guilty pleasure” foods

Allows you to eat something whenever you are hungry

Is financially sustainable over years

Allows you to live a normal life

Dr Watson’s Two Rule Diet is a groundbreaking book that will empower you to achieve diet success by keeping two simple rules.

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Conquering PTSD

Do you have PTSD, anxiety, OCD, or other trauma but therapy hasn’t helped? Has it maybe even made it worse? This groundbreaking new PTSD book, written in plain english, will help you understand how PTSD, and many other mental health struggles, form in the first place, and how to finally conquer them. You’ll walk through actual patient experiences as Dr. Hans Watson explains to his patient how the patient’s PTSD was created, and helps him overcome it./ Dr. Watson is not only a board-certified psychiatrist with extensive study in neurobiology, but has also had to overcome his own struggle with PTSD from his years in the armed forces. In this no-nonsense guide, he explains how the conscious and unconscious minds work, how they communicate with each other, how a breakdown in communication fosters PTSD, and how to conquer it forever. He also explains where many therapists go wrong in their treatment and how to find one that can help you when others have not succeeded. Though this book specifically discusses PTSD, many of Dr Watson’s other patients have found it extremely helpful in understanding other anxiety or trauma-related mental health issues.

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More than 25 million Americans deal with depression in their everyday lives, and a large percentage of those cases of depression are caused by unhealthy relationships with narcissistic people they interact with regularly.

Recognizing this unhealthy dynamic, the tactics the narcissistic people use, and learning to create appropriate boundaries usually require help from trained professionals.

After understanding the information in this book, you will be able to apply two simple rules and stop others from dragging you into a depression.

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