Unshakable Love

You’d think that winning the lotto with your best friends would end your problems, but Meena’s stalker has her too freaked out to enjoy it. Thank goodness Kaleb, her dead husband’s Army buddy, gets transferred to nearby Fort Leavenworth. Kaleb has two goals: 1) to protect her and 2) to win her heart.

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Spontaneous Love

Sheila is done with romance, but she’s willing to let handsome paratrooper Ethan Wolf give her a hand with a project. He has much more in mind than friendship. When her abusive ex-boyfriend shows up out of the blue, he turns Sheila’s world upside down and she worries she may have to run again.


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Fearless Love

Bennett’s secret has ruled her life for a decade, and she won’t to share it with anyone. 

Nash has demons of his own from his service in the Middle East, but those demons seem quieter when Bennett is around. Her spunk, determination, and loves for her daughter make it impossible not to fall for her. 

When Bennett’s secret comes out, it threatens everything.

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