Fun and exciting developments never seem to stop around here. My writing buddy Danyelle Ferguson and I are creating a fictitious neighborhood where we are both going to set our next series-es.(As in more than one series.) Danyelle’s Indulgence Row romance series will be kicking off with Sweet Confections, which should be released in early April. My romance series, tentatively named In The Garden, will launch this summer under my pen name, Heather Tullis. All of the books in both series will take place in the same community with crossover characters from the other person’s books (I love getting to see bits of a character I already love in other books so I can catch up on what they’re up to now!). We’re very excited about this and want you to help us name the town where they live.
And there are prizes involved. Don’t you love prizes? Read on to see what they are.
Here’s a couple of blurbs about our books, so you can get a feel for what they’re about:
For In The Garden:

“All of the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.” –Geoff Lawton
Piper hopes this is true when she organizes a community garden in ? Creek. With the help of some friends, an elementary school class, and community members (enthusiasm optional), they find that digging in the dirt nurtures life, peace—and most importantly—love. 
For Indulgence Row:
Come visit ? Creek’s newest shopping district: Indulgence Row. This charming shopping area is spearheaded by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Come sample tasty treats, great books, and discover delightful shops built in ? Creek’s historic downtown community. We’re sure you’ll find somethingand possibly someoneto fall in love with.  
Remember I said there were prizes? 

Enter now!