A big thank to everyone who downloaded copies of my book The Switch on Friday and Saturday last week. Does that sound backwards, thanking people to getting my book for free? Well, it’s too early to see what it’ll do for my sales, though I’ve had a little bump over the past couple of days, only time will tell if it lasts long enough to make a real difference. On the other hand, my book did go out to thousands of new readers, which could translate into sales of my other books, and I did zoom up the ranks on Amazon. Check this out.

Yes, that is accurate: My book made it into the top 50 best-selling books on Amazon for most of Saturday. Okay, so they were free to readers, but that’s still a lot of exposure, which has already netted me more sales of the companion book Blank Slate than I’d seen all month.

So, I’ll be watching my sales obsessively for the next week or two to see what it does, but either way, it was pretty exciting to see what can happen when so many of my friends help me spread the word.