Okay, sorry, I have no idea where the week went (besides multiple book signings, trips out of town, and just trying to keep from drowning in work). So, here are the prize winners I should have announced on Monday:

The 101 Cupcake Recipes book goes to Aimee B!

The Mother’s Daze book goes to Glenda C!

All right ladies, let me know how to reach you so I can get your addresses and send these books out to you.

Now for a few blurbs and links from some of my awesome reviewers:

Nichole Giles said:
Also, there are some amazing kissing scenes in this story—the kind that leave the reader’s heart beating a little harder. But don’t worry, it’s absolutely clean. This is such a sweet story. If you’ve never read a Heather Justesen novel, I’d start with this one. For real. It’s fantastic. link here

Liz Adair said: Heather Justesen’s writing style. It’s clean and flows nicely, making an easy read. (and a lot more here.)

Susan Dayley said: “I enjoyed reading Family By Design. I would set up to read and an hour would go by unnoticed. I became so caught up in the characters, that after I had finished, I had to remind myself the book was done.” Read more here.

Julie Bellon said: “The romance was the kind that brings to life the butterflies in your stomach and makes you sigh and re-read the last paragraph because it was so good.” And so much more here.

Cindy Hogan said: “I didn’t realize a book could be a true page-turner without the threat of murder or some kind of violence. This is a fun, quick entertaining read.” Read the whole thing here.

More to come as the blog tour continues. A big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to enter the contest–more prizes still to come!