Today is the start of my blog tour and I’m really excited. I’ve got a terrific group of people who are reviewing my book over the next few weeks starting with today.

Wednesday, Jan. 18 Nichole Giles
Thursday, Jan. 19 Liz Adair
Friday, Jan. 20 Susan Dayley
Saturday, Jan. 21 Keith Fisher
Monday, Jan. 23 Robbin Peterson
Tuesday, Jan. 24 Julie Bellon
Wednesday, Jan. 25 Cindy Hogan
Thursday, Jan. 26 Rebecca Talley
Friday, Jan. 27 Kathleen Brebes
Saturday, Jan. 28 Debbie Davis
Monday, Jan. 30 Maria Hoaglund
                          Kim Job, and  Danyelle Ferguson
Tuesday, Jan. 31 Tristi Pinkston
Wednesday, Feb. 1 Joann Arnold
Thursday, Feb. 2 Christine Bryant
Friday, Feb. 3 Rebecca Blevins
Saturday, Feb. 4  Mindy Holt
In conjunction with the release of Family by Design, I’ve recently released a companion novella, Shear Luck, which involves Rena’s roommate Chelsea from the first of the book, and starts shortly after Family by Design. This is available as an ebook for 99 cents pretty much everywhere BUT people who buy Family by Design and then go here by Sunday, February 5th, will get a FREE copy of this ebook. It doesn’t matter where you purchase the book: online, or at a store (or even at one of my signings). Just follow the link to get your free copy.
ALSO, I’m going to hold giveaways every Friday for people who post comments on my blog, or any of the stops on my blog tour. Entries will be cumulative so if you post to two blog stops each week, by the third week you’ll get six entries, and if you post about it on Facebook or Twitter, or link to one of the stops on the blog tour from your blog, you’ll get extra entries. Also, you can win more than once, so stop in often.


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