Charlie (short for Charlene) is twenty-three, a college graduate (with a double major in business management for her parents and elementary education for herself) and independent–but her parents would rather she weren’t. They are determined she will go to law school, become a successful lawyer and marry their up-and-coming neighbor, the divorce lawyer (who marries those anyway, isn’t it just asking for trouble?) who leaves her cold.

Though she’s willing to bend on law school against her inclination, she isn’t willing to go home and be courted by the man of their choice, so when her best friend, Fo (short for Forest) suggests she go with him to stay at his uncle’s ranch in Montana for the summer, she jumps at it.

What ensues is kitchen mayhem, muddy dogs, a ranch hand who stalks her, one rancher’s son who comes on to her every day, while the one she is interested in grows elusive just as things start to look interesting.

The characters were fun and well rounded, the action moved at a steady pace and the hero was well worth the wait. I did feel like she put too many of the early scenes in narration instead of letting me watch the scene unfold, because she had killer dialogue. It was definitely a fun read.

You can purchase The Outer Edge of Heaven here.