So I just signed up for Tristi Pinkston’s October writing/editing challenge. She usually does these the first month of each quarter and has at least ten of us signed up for this one (there’s still time to join in if you like). Unlike Nanowrimo, which requires you to write a 50K minimum novel in November to ‘win,’ with Tristi’s challenge you can sign up for whatever goal you need to reach–need some encouragement to push through that last 10,000 words? Need to edit your draft, start submitting, or do your pre-writing and planning for Nano? Whatever the case, it’s up to you. It’s your goal, so go for it. There’s still time to get on the bandwagon, so pop by Tristi’s blog to sign up!

My goals this month are to finish drafting Sage’s story and do my pre-writing for Nano–and if that isn’t enough, I’ve got piles of editing to do, but that would just be gravy.

What are your goals for the month?