Designing a book cover is something indie authors stress over a lot–even if they hire someone else to do the cover art. Giving the artist a clear idea of what you want (heck, even having a clear idea to begin with) in order to draw readers’ interest is a big, scary thing. Designing one yourself when you aren’t a graphic artist can be even more daunting, but some people like to have a basic cover design to look at, to keep them motivated while they write: thus the advent of the Design-a-Cover Blog Hop, hosted by Teralyn Rose Pilgrim at her blog (check it out to learn how to sign up).

Though I’ve played around with cover ideas for other books, the only one I’ve designed so far was for Blank Slate, so that’s the one I’m entering. I get so many comments on this cover, I can’t even tell you! There are bound to be lots of great entries, so go to the blog site above and vote for your favorite three.

You can vote in the linky list below: Mine is #14.