When Eden’s job as obituary editor puts her in contact with a woman who believes her mom was murdered in a nursing home, she has only one choice: to call in the Secret Sisters! Since Ida Mae Babbit has recently fallen and broken an ankle and her wrist, she’s the perfect choice to go undercover and she moves right into Shady Aspens nursing home, looking for clues and making new friends (read: partners in crime), though she couldn’t solve the mystery without Arlette, Tansy, and, of course, Eden’s assistance. Eden’s co-worker and new love interest, Kevin, comes along for the ride, adding to Eden’s confusion as Ren is still on his mission and her feelings for him have not diminished.

A second murder, mayhem, and plenty of hi-jinks ensue as the Secret Sisters, and their new friends track down the murderers, and try not to become the next victims.

Okay, I guess I ought to admit that Tristi is in my critique group, so I read this book in its ridiculously clean first draft two years ago (seriously, the woman hardly even needs a critique group, but we’re not letting her get away!). I reread the book, giggling all the way through for the second time. The characters are as bright and funny as they were in the first book of the Secret Sisters series, with plenty of great quips and one-liners (Tansy is still my favorite, though Eden sure does shine in this one). The plot has oodles of twists and turns along the way, and since Tristi changed a name or two after we read it, even I went a good portion of the book before figuring out who was responsible.

This cozy mystery is one of my favorites, and sure to please anyone who likes snappy dialogue, zany characters a twisty who dunnit.

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And if you enjoy Tristi’s cozies as much as I do, keep an eye out, there are more on the way!