I’ve spent an awful lot of time dreaming of spring the past few weeks, and hope to dig out my seeds, peer into a few of my flower catalogs, and do some serious winter sowing. Never heard of winter sowing? Read my article here, it’s a two-parter. It’s a great way to save major bucks and get your seeds planted now so they’ll start to grow when it heats up outside, and it works!

It’s also time for the quarterly writing challenge on Tristi’s Challeges blog. As usual, I’ve set the bar high (what’s the point, otherwise?), but left myself some wiggle room to go with whichever project is yelling the loudest. I have to read Whitney nominations this month, which is taking up a huge amount of my time, but I’m seriously enjoying the stories and am going to have a tough time deciding how to vote! Because of this commitment, I decided I would try to complete at least two of the following this month. Three would be even better:

1. Catch up corrections suggested by my critique group on SAB.

2. Do one more draft on my mystery/romance so I can start taking it to critique soon.

3. Rewrite Blank Slate so it’ll be ready for submission to agents

4. Make corrections to my culinary mystery and send it out for a final round of critiques.

5. Finish my WIP and do a second draft to prepare it for critiquing.

Yeah, I’ve actually worked some on three of these projects and seriously need to focus on one at a time so I can cross them off my list!

I think my next book needs to take place on a Hawaiian island so I can make myself warm through descriptions of the hot sun, the cry of gulls, and the sound of the surf rolling up onto the shore (don’t you feel warmer already?) As it’s negative one degree outside now, and I have to leave the house in thirty minutes, I can use all the warm thoughts I can get!

Because I know I need to get back on a schedule again, I’m going to have Random Thought Mondays (which may include stuff about gardening, cake decorating, my pets, or whatever else strikes my fancy, but will hopefully at least be interesting), Writing Wednesdays (with a writing tip, an interview, or something else useful) and Friday book reviews from now on. Yes, yes, I know it’s Tuesday already, and I’m posting my Monday post. My bad.

Other great news since I was posting regularly: both my books are now available on Kindle and Nook (woohoo!) if you’re more inclined toward ebooks than hard copies, go check out a sample.