It’s October, time once again for Tristi’s Quarterly Writing Challenge. She tells us we must post our goals on our blogs, so here they are:

I know my August goal was to finish writing SAB—but I didn’t. So that’s on my to-do list. To get it to my normal length it would take about 30K, but I don’t think it’s going to get that long, so I’ll just be happy when it’s done! Current word count 54,588.

Also, the reason I didn’t finish SAB yet is because I started rewriting (practically from scratch) a mystery/suspense novel in late August. (Which I didn’t realize was supposed to be a mystery until I was 40K into this version–because I’m just that thick.) I need about 20,000 more words to finish it. Current word count 69,860.

And if I happen to have extra time left over (haha), I still need to one a final polish on FBD so it’ll be ready to submit as soon as I know where I’ll be sending it.

That’s all, nothing much on my plate, right? Okay, now I need to go get ready for work. Have a fab night, all!

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