July is over and I’m pretty happy with the goals I reached as I added 30,000 words to my WIP and finished two other edits. August is just beginning so it’s time to set new ones–two goals this month:

1) finish my rough draft of SAB

2) Get over the heartbreak of red ink dripping from the pages of Shelly’s story (Which has been through so many edits, it really ought to be perfect by now) and get the edits done (yes, I edited it last month, yes, it needs another round). Submit before month’s end.

Oh, and 3) Come up with a real title for that book, because Shelly’s story, isn’t very interesting.

That done, I have a full few days ahead of me.

Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I’ll be at a booth at the Millard County Fair with D.N Giles selling our books. Well, I’ll be leaving a bit early tomorrow because I have an event at the LDS Bookseller’s Association Convention tomorrow night mingling with other authors and bookstore owners. I admit, getting together with other writers is one of my favorite parts of this job. There’s always something I can learn, a fun new personality to become familiar with, hints and tricks being shared.

If the fair goes well, Nichole and I will be hitting a few more before fair season ends. I’m also gearing up for a round of visits to young women’s meetings, Relief Society enrichments, book clubs and more. If you’re looking for a speaker, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can work out a date.