The past couple of weeks have been fun for me: filled with book signings, great new reviews of “Rebound” and having my niece come visit us for a few weeks. I think we’ve about got her ready to leave for girl’s camp tomorrow, which I know she’s excited about since girl’s camp in Mexico is only overnight.

I’ve been rather scatter brained and unable to focus on the myriad things that I ought to be doing, so I’ve been distracted from blogging and all of those other things I need to be doing and love, but haven’t had time for in the past week. I’m not sure weeding the garden is on the list of things I love, but it’s also something I’ve been putting off, and will, unfortunately, have to be faced this week as well. =)

Oh, and we’ve been having a great discussion about writing and balancing time for families on one of my email lists and I had to share this great quote from one of the authors on the list. I think it’s going on my wall because sometimes we need the reminder to keep things in perspective. GG Vandagriff posted up that she wrote for years while her kids were still at home, but didn’t start submitting until they were grown. Her tenth book is coming out later this year and she said to remember “If your priorities are the Lord’s priorities, he will help you achieve your destiny.” I love that, and have to remember that I don’t have to do everything at once, I just have to prioritize and remember the things that matter and the rest will work out.

Now for the list of my most recent reviews!

Wendy Swore reviewed this book here, and also did a fun author interview with me here. She said: This novel has rich characters, a good plot, and is well written.

Nichole Giles listed the five things she looks for in a book and how mine stacks up on her new book review blog here. Here’s an excerpt from the review, which you can find here:
What’s more, this story isn’t just about boy meets girl and the romance that follows. This story delves into family ties, fraud, trust, adoption, early childhood trauma and what it takes for some people to overcome the past so they can move onto the future. Talk about a lot of content in one little book. This is why I’m such a fan of Heather’s work.

C. LaRene Hall reviewed the book on her blog and said:
I knew the story would be a good clean romance and would have plenty of action to keep me turning the pages.

And Keith Fisher reviewed Rebound on his blog too and had this to say:
Heather Justesen is carrying on a tradition of great literature. In her second book in the series, we delve further into the lives of the delightful circle of family and friends Heather created.

Thanks you guys! You rock!

Also, the Summer Treasure Hunt is in full swing, so check out the list of books and other goodies being given away daily through the first part of July. You can enter to win a copy of Rebound too between now and June 20th. The latest winner is Cindy Schuerr of Wisconsin, who won an ebook copy of Anne Patrick’s inspirational romantic suspense, Journey to Redemption.