Tonight I got a fun surprise when I went out to collect eggs and check on my birds. First I came across a tiny white chick–which stupid idiot that I am, took me several minutes to realize it was actually a guinea keet. This was totally exciting since I’ve incubated dozens of guinea eggs this summer and not hatched a one. Last week I had two geese, two ducks, a guinea, and a chicken all sitting on nests. Oh wait–make that two chickens, yes, that’s a lot of nesting mommies.

A few minutes after I found the keet running around I found one of my duck hens running around–with five tiny ducklings following after her! Okay, seriously, that’s the coolest thing ever, and she’s being such a great little mommy. It’s too bad I really can’t keep any more ducks (One has to set a limit sometime, right?) and I have someone who wants some ducklings, so I’ll let her play mommy for a few more days before I take them away. The thought makes me sad, but I know the lady who wants them and the little quackers will have a lot of fun running through her huge, gorgeous back yard.

Cute, aren’t they? Baby ducklings are the cutest things ever!

In other news, I did a fun interview with Nichole Giles on her book blog, and Diony George reviewed Rebound on her blog, here’s a quote from her blog: “Rebound is a well-written, clean, and engaging romance novel that held my attention from the first chapter on.”