All right, so I admit, I don’t tend to be the healthiest eater on the planet. Fruits and vegetables are expensive and take time to prepare, and well, I don’t always think about adding them to my meals. Plus, going to the store–not high on my to-do list. A couple of months ago some friends of mine started talking about a program that runs through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, and Washington called Bountiful Baskets. A bunch of us signed up on the site and they just added a drop-off location in our area a few weeks back.

Here’s the deal, Every week you sign up for a basket–which is actually two baskets, one of fruits and one of veggies. You pay $15 by credit card over the net (plus a 10% handling fee, so really it’s $16.50) and you get half fruits and half veggies. Of course you don’t get to pick and choose, but you always get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The first time we did this, we more-than filled one of those large camping coolers with the food we brought home. The second week the cooler was almost full, but it was still a ton of produce for $16.50.

The first week’s offerings included 6 ears of corn, 2 large bunches of leaf lettuce, at least half a dozen baby bok choy, 8 or 10 medium potatoes (okay, maybe they’re large, but I’ve seen some that feed whole families back when Clover Club’s potatoes were grown in my area, so in my head, they’re only medium!) 5 or 6 red peppers, 5 big tomatoes, a dozen or more small peaches, a large bag of red grapes, a 6-oz container of blackberries, 5 bananas, several apples, and a honeydew melon…I feel like I’m forgetting something, but can’t remember what.

The second week we got a bunch of leaf lettuce, 1 lb of baby carrots, 2 stalks of broccoli, a big baggy of fresh green beans, five large tomatoes, 2 large avocados, six bananas, well over a dozen small red plums, 8-10 more peaches, another big bag of red grapes, about 2 lbs of fresh cherries, and a cantaloupe. Again, I may be missing something, but the list is pretty complete.

I know if I went to the store and bought all of that I would pay close to double the money–maybe more. The variety has been great, and I’ve had an excuse to try new dishes I never thought of before. Also, it forces me to think about adding fruits or veggies to just about every meal, because there are only two people in my household, and that’s a lot of produce for two! if this sounds interesting to you, check out their website and find out if there’s a drop-off location in your area!

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