Lots of fun and exciting things are going on in my next of the woods right now. My book, “Rebound” is now in Costcos across Utah (unless you’re north of Sandy, though those are supposed to be getting copies of my books too), and at an awesome price of $10.49–which is $6.50 off the cover price! I know, killer deal! They tend to rotate their books quickly, though, so if you don’t hurry out and get one in the next week or two, they may change stock and no longer be available there. I’ll be signing from 11-4 in the Sandy Costco on Thursday, and 11-4 in the Orem Costco on Friday. If you live in the area, stop in and say hi.

If you don’t happen to be a Costco member, you can still find “Rebound” in Deseret Book–another shock for me when my friend Graham mentioned they had copies there already–a good month earlier than I expected. They should be appearing in independent bookstores really soon, if they aren’t there already, so keep an eye out in an LDS bookstore near you.

I’m gearing up for the launch of my book–and getting ready to host a big party next Tuesday (where has the month gone?) in Fillmore at the city library from 6-8 p.m. We’ll have treats and prizes and fun, so if you live nearby, stop in and say hello! If you’re a bit further north, I’m having a launch party in Sandy at the Barnes & Noble on June 3 with my friends Tristi Pinkston and Nichole Giles. Again, there will be prizes and fun–and chocolate, though they won’t let me bring cake or cookies, so you’ll have to settle for something of the pre-wrapped variety.

A couple of weeks ago, at the prodding of some friends, I finally started a cake blog–Heather’s Totally Custom Cakes, which will host not only cute pics of the ones I make, but directions on how you, too can make these tasty treats including pictures, links to great cake sites, and yummy recipes. The cake I made for Mother’s Day was really too cute to cut (according to Mom), but hey, it’s cake, so we ate it anyway. Check out the blog here. I’ll post pics and directions on that cake as soon as I finish this post. =)

On the writing front, I wrote over 10,000 words last week–pretty much all in two days–which was pretty cool, and I’m excited about the direction my my story is going. I’m going to have to squeeze in time to work on it this week because next week I’m going to have to set it aside to do edits for the one I’m getting ready to submit.

Wednesday I’ll be posting a review of Rachel Ann Nunes’ new paranormal romance, Imprints, and Friday I’m posting a review of Lisa Mangum’s new YA book The Golden Spiral, which is the second in her trilogy–which I haven’t finished yet, but am enjoying immensely.