Sometimes what you can’t see means everything.A young woman is missing. In desperation, her parents turn to Autumn Rain for help. Autumn reads imprints – emotions mysteriously left behind on certain treasured objects. But will this ability enrich her life or destroy it?Autumn isn’t sure – her life has become far from normal – but for people whose loved ones are missing, her talent might mean the difference between life and death. Even the infuriating Detective Martin has asked for Autumn’s help, though at times she feels more like a suspect than a consultant. Too often Autumn find herself retreating to her antiques shop and the company of her best friend, Jake Ryan, to avoid notice.But soon more than one woman is missing, and Autumn teams up with private eye Ethan McConnell to investigate their disappearance. Ethan’s attraction to her is a pleasant change from Jake’s frustrating offers of friendship, but once Autumn takes that first step, she sets in motion a series of events that risk not only her own life but the lives of those she cares most about.I was totally excited when I heard Rachel had a paranormal romance coming out this year because I’ve been reading some paranormal books lately and enjoying the stories, but I hate the fact that everything else out there seems to be filled with scenes I have to skip. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading because I hadn’t read the back cover blurb, I just knew that the main character had some psychic abilities.I liked the characters Autumn and Jake right away. They’re well rounded and different from the norm. Autumn owns an antique store and Jake’s herb store is right next door–in fact, they connect. They’re been friends for years, and their chemistry was great–just enough to have you rooting for them from the beginning, but I still wondered if they would work out their relationship issues all the way through the story. Autumn never wears shoes (ever) and she feels vibrations on things, sees scenes from that artifact’s past–but only strong ones. If the person was happy, sad, or upset when they were touching something, she can sense that, even see that few seconds in time when the owner held and felt that emotion. She also has a few precious belongings from her deceased parents that she cherishes and clings to when she’d feeling bad or upset–they calm and remind her of good times.
I liked that she felt conflicted about helping people with her talents because there was a cost to herself, but she wanted to help, to use her talent for good.I thought the build up of the mystery was well done–I was wondering all the way through whose motives were pure, and whose weren’t–and I changed my mind more than once along the way! I look forward to the second book in this series featuring Autumn!Oh, and did I mention I stayed up until 5 a.m. to finish the story because I couldn’t put it down? Yeah, it was that good!