If you check the acknowledgments page of Wrong Number, or the quotes on the back cover, you’ll see my name–which is one of the coolest parts of being friends with other authors! I critiqued the book shortly before Rachelle submitted it, so I was totally excited to hear it was going to be published–not that I was surprised, because it was a great read. Here’s the back-cover blurb:

When Aubree Stewart receives a mysterious phone call on her way to work, she doesn’t know what to think. At first she assumes it’s some kind of prank. But the call isn’t a practical joke and Aubree soon finds herself swept up in a world of danger, intrigue, and murder. With help from the FBI, Aubree races to protect herself and what’s left of her family. The only thing she forgets to protect is her own heart.

This award-winning debut novel from Rachelle Christensen is impossible to put down and keeps you guessing with every page you turn. It’s a chillingly good read that will have you jumping whenever the phone rings.

I really enjoyed this book–it grips you right from the first scene where Aubree and her husband are bantering back and forth as they get ready for the day, and the suspense keeps you interested all the way through. The mystery behind who is after Aubree is murky and keeps you guessing, and the little twist of romance in the story is believable and sweet. This is a great story I whole-heartedly recommend. I look forward to seeing Rachelle’s next heart-pounder.

Rachelle’s second book Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage, (which oddly enough, she got the contract on first) will be out in May (the same day as mine!). You can learn more about Rachelle on her website, or check out her blog. You can also read the first chapter here.

And in case you didn’t see the trailer when I posted it before. You can find it here.