Today I decided to stir the pot a bit and add some unusual questions to my author interview for D.N. about her book and some fun details about her. The Sharp Edge of the Knife is Nichole’s second book in print in four months (she is one busy woman!)

HJ: So I know this is a true story, tell us how you learned about it.

NG: This is actually a family story. The main character is my grandpa. I remember hearing during my childhood that he’d been kidnapped in the past. Actually, he was kidnapped or held hostage three times total in his life, which makes the story all that much more interesting to me.

HJ: What made you want to write the story?
NG: After my grandpa died, I was reading his life history and this particular incident really stood out to me. I decided to write it as an article at first, but there was so much information, and so much research involved when it came to finding the facts that it turned into a book.
HJ: I know I’ve heard about most of the research you’ve done. Did it take long?
NG: Yes, it did. I started out with a handful of newspaper articles and about two pages worth of journal accounts from my grandpa, and somewhere in the mix there was a court subpoena. From there I called the police departments involved, but because the case was so old—fifty years—they referred me to the national archives in Denver. From there, I was able to get someone to help me track down the case and all the evidence and court documents. Interestingly, the knife used in the kidnapping, as well of some of the other evidence, is still there, and will remain there forever. Or at least, that’s what I’m told.

HJ: What about the kidnappers’ side of the story?

NG: I actually did some more digging and tracked down one of the kidnappers. I wrote him a letter, asking him about the situation, and not really expecting a response. So, I was completely shocked when a week later this guy called me and talked to me on the phone for about an hour, telling me his side of things. He was very remorseful and teary. Very apologetic. It was probably the most profound conversation I’ve ever had.

HJ: After all that, how long did it take you to actually write this book?

NG: It was actually a fairly long process all things considered. From beginning to end, it took me almost three years to get from the inception of the idea to publication. And there was a lot that happened in between, including me working on two other major projects at the same time. All in all, though, I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

HJ:Okay, so now that you’ve whetted everyone’s appetite, where can people learn more about The Sharp Edge of a Knife?

NG: You can read the first chapter at my website www.sharpedgeof My author bio is also there, with a few interesting facts pertaining to the story. Right now it’s available on Amazon, and I’m told it will be in select stores sometime in the next few weeks, if not already. My official book launch promotion is scheduled for March 27th from 1-3:00 pm at Eborn books in the Provo Towne Center mall in Provo Utah. It’s open to the public, and going to be lots of fun. Readers can also watch my blog for more signing dates.

HJ: So, you know how much I love the other books you’ve been working on (since you’re in my critique group, so I’ve had a sneak peek), tell us a little about them.

DG: Right now I’m looking for an agent for my next book, a young adult paranormal romance about a young woman who has a special ability to heal people. She discovers her ability is a threat, not only to her and her family, but to a whole lot of other people when the leader of an ancient demon army, who hungers to rule the modern world, decides he needs her heart and blood to restore him to power.

Along with submitting that project, I’m working on a sequel, as well as another YA book that involves a couple of misfit kids and some mermaids. That one is still very much in the rough-rough draft stage, though.

HJ: And we’re all looking forward to reading more of it in our critique group because your characters are so real and your stories are totally engrossing (trust me on this folks–she is a fantastic writer!) Now, on to the really important questions, starting with–what is your favorite cake flavor?

NG: Hm. Tough call. Usually I’m either a white-with-add-in’s type girl, or lemon with cinnamon. But cake is really about moods, and like so many other things, my mood will decide my preference of the moment. Like right now, I could totally go for lemon with cheesecake filling, or white with raspberry.

HJ: Okay, seriously, I’ve never tried lemon with cinnamon–I’m totally going to test that this week! Now, if you could go anywhere (or repeat any vacation you’ve taken) where would it be?

NG: Oh that is such a loaded question! I’d love to be a world traveler, so I’d probably go somewhere new, and most definitely tropical. Although, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, Italy, and Ireland. Oh, I know, how about Greece? And Tahiti. Definitely Tahiti.

HJ: I concurr on all of the above-mentioned locations. Europe is high on my list of place to visit–which is why I’m working on a book about a woman studying in England and traveling all over the place. I’m jealous of the fictional character I created. If you ever go, can I ride along in your luggage? Now, since you mentioned the tropics–do you prefer pineapple or oranges?

NG: Love orange juice, but I’d have to say pineapple. My critique group has a thing for pineapples. Every book needs one.

HJ: that is so true–and reminds me, I think the one I’m working on needs one still…wait while I make a note. Okay, if you went into a store and found a really great pair of shoes, and a really great necklace, but you could only buy one–which would you choose? I know, I’m evil, aren’t I?

NG: Totally, so evil! This is actually a matter of puzzling out which item was a) harder to find again when I had more money and b) which one I needed more immediately. You know, to go with what outfit and where I’d need to wear it.

Or sometimes it would just come down to which one I loved more. If nothing else, I’d remind myself I have tons of jewelry and probably get the shoes. There! I made a decision. Aren’t you proud?

I am proud–I know that wasn’t a fair question, it’s like asking someone to pick their favorite book of all time –something I could never do! Thanks for swinging by to answer questions for us today, Nichole!

If any of you are available to swing by her launch party I highly recommend it–it’ll be a great time. I so wish I could be be there myself!