It’s been a while since I posted up any cake photos, and I’ve been meaning to, so I thought I’d share my most recent projects. I did mention yesterday that I was going to, right?

Have you ever noticed how mom’s get the short-shaft on their birthdays? They get plenty of love and hugs and hopefully a few gifts as well, but when was the last time your mom got a nice birthday cake? I don’t remember mine EVER getting anything fun, and she usually had to make her own, which is not cool at all.

My mom had her birthday a week or so ago and my sister Kristi came down to celebrate, so we decided to go ahead and do something special for my mom’s birthday. I’ve spent oodles of time online researching different cakes over the past few months, so I called her with a specific idea, which she shot down, and we replaced it with this choice instead. I learned round cakes are really hard to do with fondant. Seriously. But I think the teapot turned out fine for a first attempt and I’ll definitely give it another go as soon as I have an opportunity.

At Halloween I was asked to bring cupcakes to my church party, so I did some more research and found this cute idea. i think they turned out totally cute!

Okay, now for the winners for today’s drawing. Winners were selected using

The first prize, an autographed copy of Nothing to Regret goes to

Connie Hall!

The second price, a copy of Strength to Endure, goes to

Rebecca Irvine!

Congratulations ladies, send me your mailing addresses and I’ll get those in the mail as soon as I get back from Blanding!

Check back tomorrow to see who wins the next set of prizes!

In the meantime, today’s stop on my blog tour is Kim Job.