So to celebrate the release of my book, and to round out my blog tour (which has been going great!), I’ve put together a week of giveaways–9I know, you’re thinking that you’ve hit the jackpot!). That’s right, every day this week (except today), I’ll be giving away great prizes to you, my readers!

All entries will be kept until the end of the week to give early e
ntrants the best possible chance to win!

Want to know what you could win? Okay, I’ll tell you!

I’m starting off with a couple of autographed copies of Tristi P
inkston’s first two books, Nothing to Regret, and Strength to Endure, both historicals taking place during World War II. Nothing to Regret is about a man who is sent to the Japanese internment camp in the desert just west of where I live. He has to give up finishing college and leave nearly everything behind when he and his parents are forced to move there. During the course of the book he enlists and goes undercover in Japan. This is a great book!

Strength to Endure is set at the same time, only in Germany. Strength To Endure expertly portrays the consequences of war and the ability of the human spirit to conquer all.

Both of these books are out of print and even the author has no more copies left–this is it folks. Tristi has since written another historical, Season of Sacrifice; a romantic mystery/suspense Agent in Old Lace; and has a hysterical cozy mystery series coming out starting next year, called Secret Sisters. (I know, I’m in her critique group, and I can’t wait to see these books in print!).

1) A couple of years ago I had the privilege of critiquing a manuscript for my friend Ronda–it kept me hanging on to the very end–so I was thrilled when she announced it was being released the same time as mine!

I’m giving away a copy of Missing, donated by new author, Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen. This mystery/suspense story with romance elements will keep you gripping the edge of your seats! You can learn more about the book here, or read Ronda’s blog here.

2) I’ve been hearing great things about Mike McPheters’ book, Agent Bishop about his true story of being an FBI agent moonlight as a Mormon Bishop. Mike does firesides and speaks to groups all over the place, and has been a very busy man sharing his story this fall. (I seriously have no clue how he keeps up with it all). I’m totally excited to offer a copy of his book! You can learn more about him on his website.blank

1) I love vinyl signs and the easy personality they share, so I was really thrilled when Valerie Ipson offered to donate a $15 gift certificate from Vinyl Expressions. She has lots of cute designs and ideas! Check out her website here for more!blank
2) Do you like intense political thrillers? If so, you’ll love winning Steve Alten’s The Shell Game! This New York Times best-selling author is known for his book MEG, about a huge shark that lives in the Mariana Trench, along with several other major suspense books. He spoke at a conference I attended last spring (via Internet) and I’m telling you, the man is a meticulous wordsmith. Learn more about him and his upcoming titles at his website.
1) You may not have picked up from my blog posts (here, here, and here) that I like to bake, and I enjoy cake decorating a lot. (Oh, you did, well, then, you won’t be surprised by tomorrow’s post). I blame my parents for getting me started, and Kristi for egging me on. In fact, because I was having so much fun, I decorated a cake for Tristi Pinkston for her book launch for Agent in Old Lace, and I used an edible image of her cover.
Kristi’s Creative Cakes (based out of the Salt Lake Valley) offered a free edible image using your photo or image and shipped to you (within the U.S.) free. If you live on the Wasatch Front and need a whole cake, she’s willing to credit the winner $15 toward the price of a finished cake (which is at least half again what the edible image is worth, even shipped!). And let me tell you, she makes gorgeous and totally delicious cakes for weddings, birthdays, showers and any other occasion you might need. Learn more about her cakes on her blog. Her regular website is still under construction, but can be found here. The edible images are very simple to apply to your own cakes.

2 Who doesn’t need a little magic? A little suspense–fighting against the bad guys and knowing somehow, in the end, the good will at least survive to fight again, if not attain a full victory? Reiyalindis is a YA fantasy which I haven’t had a chance to read yet and I have been hard-pressed to keep my husband from snatching it up to read it instead of letting me give it away. You can learn more about Cory and the book here.blank

I have three giveaways this day–that’s right, three.

1) We’ll start off with Bone Warriors, by Bron Bahlmann, the fifteen year old who has already broken into the publishing business. This adventure/fantasy is sure to keep you hooked. it’s gotten great reviews. Bron’s been doing school visits and signings all over the state. You an learn more about him here.
2) Next is Anne Bradshaw’s newest offering, Famous Family Nights, which stories from much beloved personalities such as Allen Osmond, David Glen Hatch, Josi Kilpack, Suan Easton Black, and many more. Check out Anne’s blog (where she does weekly giveaways), and her website.
3) And finally (I did mention how much I love cake decorating, right?), we have His and Her Treasures’ donation of a $10 gift certificate to their store, which you can find here. Not only do they sell cake supplies (pans, tips, bags, colors, cake boards, etc), but they have candy supplies (melted chocolate wafers, molds, pretty bags and sucker sticks), sprinkles, color sprays, decorated cupcake liners, wedding supplies, baby shower items, and much more. They ship all over the world and have a much better selection than any cake store I’ve been able to find in Utah, and better shipping rates than most anywhere.
If cakes’ aren’t your thing, they also sell vinyl for Cricuts and similar machines, transfer tape, pet supplies and costumes for both pets and humans (eclectic place, isn’t it?).

So, now that you know what you can win, you probably want to know how—because that does tend to improve the odds.

There are several ways to earn entries—
First, for one entry simply leave a comment on this post. Make sure I can reach you, either through a blog or by leaving an email address for me to contact you with. If I don’t hear back from you within 24 hours, I’ll draw again.

Next, for two entries, post on your blog about the giveaway, and link them back to this post (the permalink, not the general blog address), then leave me a comment saying that you’ve done so.

For two more entries, post a link to the contest on your Facebook account. If you aren’t my friend on Facebook already, you’ll have to become one so I can check out your post.

For four entries, post this cute blog button in your sidebar for the week, with a link back to this post.

And for five more entries, post my trailer on your blog.

That’s 14 possible entries into the contest. Fourteen chances to win!

If you want to do several things in one blog post, I’m totally good with that. Just make sure to let me know by email, or a comment on this post what you’ve done so I can make sure and get your entries listed. I’ll post back here every day with the winners!

Today’s tour stop:

I forgot to mention Keith Fisher’s review on LDS Writer’s Blogck, which you can find here.