I know, I meant to post these photos two weeks ago, but you know how that goes. I had my Fillmore launch party on Oct 24th at my local library which went pretty well! I had a lot of friends show up and stay to talk and yummy cookies and punch.

My friend Danyelle Ferguson actually flew into Utah from Kansas to be there for me on my big day–because she’s awesome.

She helped me get everything together Friday night so Saturday morning I wouldn’t be too frazzled and she stayed up WAY past her bedtime two nights in a row.

If you want to see more photos, check out Danyelle’s blog because she posted a ton!

Here’s me and Danyelle at the library. My totally sweet mom bought this corsage for me. Isn’t she the best?
blankThis group includes Mary Greathouse, author of several books including the new Family Record Keeper. She’s not part of my regular critique group, but she did edit The Ball’s in Her Court for me. Everyone else is in my weekly critique group: Nichole Giles, writer of many a published article who is shopping around a really great YA fantasy right now. Me, Keith Fisher, who is working on a great women’s fiction book right now, but has several other interesting books in the works as well. Danyelle Ferguson, who has a non-fiction book titled (dis)Abilities in the Gospel which is being released by Valor Publishing next summer. And Tristi Pinkston, writer of several wonderful historical books, A romantic suspense called Agent in Old Lace and some upcoming humorous mystery series starting with Secret Sisters next March with Valor Publishing.
blankNichole, Tristi, Danyelle, Keith, me, and Karen Hoover with her two sons–who came all the way from Tooele. Karen has a new book also coming out with Valor Publishing next March called The Saphire Flute.

Lots of local people also turned out to support me and bought books. It was a great day. Afterwards me and most of those in the above picture came to my house for a barbecue.

This past Saturday I had another launch party at the Sandy Barnes & Noble. I also signed with:
blankAubrey Mace, author of several books, including her newest–Santa Maybe, which you can find a review for on my blog. Linda Chadwick, who has her first book Second Chances, out, which I also reviewed here. and Ronda Hinrichsen, who also has her first book, Missing, just out in stores. I read her book in a previous version and it was really good. It was great to sign with these ladies and I look forward to doing it again soon.
blankI also had some fabulous family support. Pictured is my Aunt Marilyn, cousin Misty and her daughter McKenna, me, my cousin Carolyn and her daughter (whose name has totally escapes me. Please forgive me!) and my cousin Cindy.
blankI also had several high school and college friends pop in, but apparently forgot to pull out my camera–I’m such a slacker. This is Sherry, we graduated from high school together, and her daughter Shelby, who has just finished a YA fantasy book of her own. Go Shelby!

We had drawings at both parties and gave away some great prizes. Now, if you want to find out how to win some things yourself (besides the Family Home Evening Adventures book, which you’ll find out how to win here, and there’s only a day left to enter–so hurry!) You’ll have to check back on Wednesday for details.

Now, as I said, my blog tour has officially begun. Friday, Michelle Ashman Bell interviewed me and did a review of my book, which you can find here.

Today, Nichole Giles reviewed my book.

Thanks ladies!