I really have been doing more than reading books for book reviews–I promise! There are actually a ton of things on my to-do list and I’ve been really busy. I did add nearly 13,000 words to various manuscripts last month, and I’ve already gotten another 4,000 or so added to my most recently one this month. I’m trying to do Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month where you try to complete a 50,000 word manuscript in November). Unfortunately, my publicity stuff is definitely going to get in the way of my writing goals this month, so I’ll just be thrilled if I get halfway there.

The good part of that is everything I’ve got going on. First, I had my big Fillmore book launch party on October 24th at my local library–which went smashingly well. Most of my critique group made it down to see me that day, along with my totally awesome friend Danyelle, who FLEW to Utah from Kansas just to be here for me that weekend–a big thank you to her husband for letting her come because it was so great to have her here and she was such a help! Any my friend Karen Hoover who came all the way from Tooele!

This Saturday I have my Wasatch Front launch party. (If you don’t live in Utah, the Wasatch front covers pretty much everything from Ogden to Payson–the biggest urban area in the state). I’m signing with Aubrey Mace (who I’ve been wanting to meet since she won a Whitney Award last April) and Linda Chadwick (who I met the first time in June. She’s a new author too with her first book, “Second Chances” which came out last summer.) We’re still waiting on final word as to whether the store will be able to get Ronda Hinrichsen’s new romantic suspense book “Missing” in by tomorrow. I critiqued this book for her several years back, so I’m really excited to see it in print.

After that I have a spate of events from school visits (Millard High, North Sevier, Kanab, Orderville, San Juan, and several others coming up), my blog tour (starting Monday), putting together a fun giveaway later this month, and several signings–including two in Utah County this month, and a couple more in the Salt Lake area.

Oh, and did I mention Nano? Oh, I did? Well, you can see why I don’t think I’ll quite make the 50,000 word mark this month. But I’ll have fun trying!