I first met Linda at a conference our publisher held in June, then managed to connect with her again through Facebook and some other groups. Not having read the back cover blurb before starting to read her book, I had no idea what it was even about before I started reading. This book is YA, though I think adults would enjoy it equally as well.

After Larry Porter’s wife dies, he is left as sole caregiver to two teens and a daughter in elementary school. This would be tough enough under the circumstances, but over the preceding years, Larry has focused on his career, wanting to become more successful, make more money, rather than take the time to make memories or grow strong bonds with his children. His teenage son and daughter hold more than a little resentment when Larry re-prioritizes to put them first and doubt that he’s sincere.

When his older daughter starts to act out and his son Chris is badly beaten up things go from bad to worse until Larry wonders if he will ever be able to pull it all together again, or if his family is fractured forever.

This was well-crafted and smartly plotted with good characterization and a compelling story that pulled me along to the end. I look forward to seeing what Linda has to offer us in the future.

This book can be purchased on Amazon, from the publisher, Desert Book, or most anywhere else LDS books are sold.