Today I was able to attend UELMA’s Southern Utah Regional Workshop –I have no idea what UELMA stands for, but the attendees were librarians from schools south of Provo and included people from all over the region. I was able to sit at a table with Laura Bingham, author of Alvor, a YA fantasy book. See the cover, isn’t it awesome? She sold and autographed copies of her book while I handed out fliers with information on mine, including a Web address so people could read the first chapter. (The copy of my cover in the column to the right of this post has a link to read the first chapter, if you are so inclined.)

We both spoke to people about doing school visits, so hopefully we’ll have lots of opportunities to speak with students this fall. I met a lot of great people. One woman remembers my mother from when we lived in Richfield more than 25 years ago. Another works at a school with a kid (yeah, I know, he’s not a kid anymore, he’s two years older than me!) with whom I went to high school.

Just watching Laura taught me so much about what to do or say, or what things I need to prepare for future signings–and that doesn’t even include the things she said and pointers she gave me. I’m looking forward to getting out there and telling people about my book!

A big thanks to all the librarians who were brave enough to stop at our table and see what we were doing there. It made the day a fun one.