I hope my friends forgive me if I miss them, because there are lots of fun things going on right now.

My friend Rachelle is giving away a prize for the amazing Workbox company (huge scrapbook/crafters dream organizer). You can choose from one of two prizes, and the winner gets entered to win one of the really big organizers–which is worth $1200. Seriously, if you love to craft, and don’t have huge amounts of space, you have to check this out. There are lots of ways to enter.

My friend Nichole is giving away a free copy of Zion’s Promise: Amidst War’s Alarms, which is a hardcover of the third volume of this series.

Tristi’s isn’t really a contest, and there’s no prize, unless you think meeting your goal is prize worthy–which it totally is. On her challenge blog she has announced the beginning of the newest quarterly challenge. Originally it was supposed to be a write a book in a month contest, but has since evolved to whatever project people need to get done, whether revision, new writing, edits, etc. I intend to finish my WIP, which still needs about thirty pages, more or less. I also want to completely edit and revise my third book (if we count the one with the contract as my first book and ignore all of the other books I wrote or mostly wrote or did a good chunk of work on before I submitted The Ball’s in Her Court–which should be released next week) which I still need to name. Seriously. Anyway, the plan is to have it ready for submission by Halloween, which would be good since my book should hit stores around then and I’m hoping to be very busy with publicity.

And if you’ve just been looking for an excuse to get back into shape, or a lose a few pounds before the holidays, check out Cami Checketts blog Fitness for Moms, in which she is having a fitness contest which will culminate in lots of awesome prizes–including a copy of my book, The Ball’s in Her Court. Even if all you want to do is drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat 4 or more servings of vegetables you get two points each day–how easy is that? There are other ways to earn more points (like, you know, cutting sweets or actually exercising, too). Go read up on it now.

I know there were more awesome things, but I can’t remember what they all were, and it’s far too late for me to be up anyway. Just as a note, check out my new blog where I’m going to post of information about great, clean reads you can give your kids, mom, cousin, sister or Relief Society president without worrying what they’ll contain. It feeds to my new Facebook fan page so if you Facebook you can get a notice each day about something new and interesting you might want to check out.

Please, feel free to pass on any of these contest, blogs, fan pages, etc to anyone you think might be interested.