I’m not sure if I am just trying to avoid my writing, or if it was just time for a different kind of creative outlet, but I’ve been playing a lot with cakes lately. The one above is Dutch oven potatoes–made for Tristi after we had a discussion about the many merits of the dish. Since I’m not Keith, and I don’t do real Dutch oven (never mind the hassle of carrying it an hour and a half and keep it warm), I did what I could. This was spice cake with Vanilla buttercream filling and decorated with fondant.

I did a little sculpting on the Dutch oven cake, but I wanted to play with it some more, so I decided to try making Smurfette’s house. I tried doing a little figure sculpting to make some Smurfs to go with it, but decided I need A LOT more practice before I show those to anyone! This one I was trying out a couple of coconut cake recipes, trying to decide which I liked best, so it has layers of different cake on each tier. I learned so much from doing this cake, and got an idea how much work cake sculpting and decorating can take. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!
Now back to writing and editing so I have a chapter to take to critique this week! If you haven’t entered to win my book, don’t forget to head over to the Writing Fortress by Thursday night, midnight to enter (my post was Aug 14th). There are a few other books being given away by other authors this week as well, so enter to win those too!