I know, I’ve been so quiet this week. I keep telling myself I’m going to do better, and then I get distracted. My friend Nichole gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award (no, that’s not a typo, that’s how it’s really spelled.). I’m honored to receive this award because she’s is such a better blogger than I am. =)
I’m supposed to list seven things you don’t know about me…Which took a bit of doing without revealing any of my deep, dark secrets. =)

1. My worst temp job ever was rolling burritos. Yep, 14 hours straight at a frozen burrito factory. I was told it would be at least eight hours, but could go longer if they still had supplies to keep going. I was so glad I packed extra food. And I didn’t eat a frozen burrito again for years. Even now, nine years later, I shy away from them.

2. When I get into something new I tend to obsess. When we moved into our house I spent hundred of hours on gardening and landscaping boards to plan out our landscaping. When I first got chickens I thought I would be happy with half a dozen birds. I now have four geese, ten ducks (they are so cute when they hatch, I just couldn’t help but keep a few), two turkeys, eight guineas, and, well, I’m not going to count the chickens, there’s more than all the rest of the birds combined….but, hey, I did finally sell off the quail I hadn’t intended to get in the first place, so apparently I do have some sense of moderation. My latest thing is cakes: new recipes, new designs and ideas. I really need to get off the Internet and back to editing…

3. One of my foster kids has a baby and another has one on the way. That sort of makes me a grandma. I know, I’ve aged pretty well, haven’t I?

4. I ghost write for my parents’ business blog–which means I get to talk about my cake projects in the third person, but hey, I never have to use the phone to quiz myself on how I managed to do each of the steps along the way.

5. I’m not-so-secretly counting down the days until I can apply to be a member of LDS Storymakers–which has been a goal for me since I went to the first conference over five years ago–11 days! Storymakers is a professional writer’s guild, but you have to be published by a traditional publisher and you can’t apply until the month before your book is in print.

6. One of my pet peeves is the fact that schools only seem to teach Shakespeare’s tragedies and histories. Kids never get to read the comedies, and when they do, they think they are reading the only one. Why is it we can’t teach teens that Shakespeare can be FUN? (I know, I’m a book geek. What can I say?”

7. The ASVAB test told me I should be a librarian. I thought that was the most boring, lackluster job ever at the time–I wanted to be a marine biologist (don’t worry, I’ve totally changed my tune about librarians. They have a cool job–who wouldn’t want to introduce people to new books?). I wanted something far more shiny and exciting. Of course, now I’m writing books, sitting behind a computer most of the time and sweating over every word. Doesn’t that sound shiny and exciting when I put it that way? =) I have no regrets. I’m much happier where I am.

I’m nominating the following people:

Okay, I’ve got dozens of bloggers I could nominate, but I’m going to try and keep it down to seven–and hope they haven’t already been nominated recently.

Josi Kilpack
Julie Wright
Anne Bradshaw
Danyelle Ferguson
Teri Rodeman
Joyce DiPastena
Valerie Ipson

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