GG Vandagriff’s novel of mystery, romance, and comedy, The Hidden Branch, will be released on or before September 16th. Taking place in Huntington Beach, CA, it is the fifth in the Alex and Briggie Mystery Series, but can also be read as an introduction to the series.(See for more info)

The description on her Website follows:

It is a zany book set in Huntington Beach (aka Surf City), CA amidst the surfing culture. The family my heroines are investigating is Armenian (don’t ask me why) and has many quirks and loveable characteristics, except, of course, for the murderer. Briggie, everyone’s favorite grandmother, not only takes to the surf, but has several brushes with the law and a very surprising development in her life. Alex’s love life, as usual, is anything but smooth, and undergoes serious convolutions. Meanwhile, she tries to find out why someone in this happy Armenian family tried to kill her and almost succeeded.

I recently spoke with GG, and she said anyone who buys the book online or in the store before September 17th can qualify for an Alex and Briggie gift package and a chance to win an autographed set of the entire series. To enter do the following: e-mail GG your name and address through above Website and tell her where you bought the book.
Sometime next month I’ll be reviewing the book here on my blog