I just thought I’d share my latest forays into cake decorating. All three are 8″ round cakes, two layers deep. The first one I actually cut the layers in half lengthwise to create four layers, and then I filled it with cherry filling and topped it with cherry filling. It was super tasty! I took pictures on how to fill a cake and will post them on my parent’s business blog next week.

The second one I wanted to play with my flower tip and swags. I used the little red buttons on the cake to measure the distance between swaps–but then realized they weren’t all the same distance apart. Whoops! I also was celebrating because the night before I got my first IV in the back of an ambulance, which is totally cool. (No, I didn’t get poked with an IV needle, I got to give someone else an IV). I’m still playing with my shells. I’m definitely not doing them quite right. I might have to harass my sister and have her show me how again .

This one I did this past weekend for a bridal shower. You can see the step-by-step on how I built the fondant roses and decorated it on my parents’ business blog. This was fun because I’d never made fondant from scratch before or colored it or did anything but cover a cake in it. There’s a recipe at the bottom of the link to my parents’ blog. Super easy and it actually tastes good!

blank Now that I’ve had a chance to play with visual art for a change, I guess I’d better get back to editing!