Caitlyn has her whole future planned. She’s going to marry her high school sweetheart whom she waited faithfully for while he served his mission, go to BYU where they would graduate and then return to Santa Barbara. She would be a homemaker and raise their four children–two boys, two girls.

Then, on the day of her wedding, her perfect groom flies off to New York to propose to the woman he fell in love with during his mission instead of meeting Caitlyn at the temple.
After that, Caitlyn equates love with a broken heart and refuses to socialize when she returns to BYU. Then her bishop calls her to be the family home evening mom and her plans fly out the window. Travis–the family home evening dad in her group–is a charming cowboy whom she can’t help but feel attracted to. Chase, also from her FHE group, has his own plans for dating her. Instead of being a social recluse, she finds herself with two suitors.
This is a fun story of college life with plenty of dating angst thrown in. Caitlyn’s struggles and frustrations will be recognizable for most young women today.
The message about the importance of temple marriage is one I’d love all young people to understand. I’ll definitely pass it along to my nieces.
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