Okay, so don’t believe me when I say I’m going to post more regularly. I’m probably just dreaming anyway. But check back here Wednesdays for some reviews/author interviews for some great new books that are coming up. I plan to review every Wednesday, starting with next week when I’m giving away a FREE copy of Marcia Mickelson’s new book “Pickup Games.” I just finished her first book, “Reasonable Doubt,” and it was seriously good, so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

All right, now for the reason I’m posting today. Tristi is holding a July challenge to motivate us to kick our writing into gear. So, my goals for July–since I promised myself to be more realistic this year than I was last July–do a final look at my book “Rebound,” so I can send it in–this should be simple since it’s just line edits. Really. And prepare the other things my publisher wants to go with it. Most of which is already done.

Second. My current WIP is mostly written, but needs some restructuring, corrections from my critique group, which are piling up, and you know, an ending. So the goal is to get the whole thing finished and to catch up on editing it. This totally ought to be doable since I only have to add like, 10,000 words. I’ve written more than that in a single day.

Third. I have these nebulous plans for my publicity for my book which is being released in October–some great ideas, but not well developed. I totally have to get some things on paper, and do some more firm plans, so I won’t be so stressed when everything else seems to pile up on me at once.