Day 6: Find time to get things done

As a writer I often hear women (and sometimes men) talking about how they manage to squeeze writing time into their days. We’re all busy with the million and one things we’re supposed to do every day–something that isn’t new.

When I was a kid my mom ws often up at 5 a.m. Actually, she may still be up that early. No, we didn’t have cows or chickens that needed early feedings–it was the only time of day she could have the house quiet to write in her journal, sew those Christmas dresses, work on church lessons, or whatever else had to be done. And with six kids in the house, there was always someone interrupting during daylight hours, and well into the night–more often than not, multiple times during the night.

She could have foregone her journal writing, her sewing, and whatever else she did in those peaceful hours of the day, but it was important to her, so she made the time. The fact is, there’s time in all of our lives to accomplish our goals. Even the busiest among us can squeeze in a few minutes to write in our journals, send a note to a friend, excercise, pick up a mystery novel, make a model airplane, or whatever else we really want to do. We can’t do all of those things, but we can do one or two, if we’re willing to make time for them, squeeze them in the cracks of our days.

What’s important to you, and how do you make time for it?