Day 10: There are Many Ways to Show Love

Have you thought abotu all the different ways we tell our families that we love them? Do you even notice the things our loved ones do for us? I mentioned once befroe that my mom cooks three meals a day, from scratch, every day, even though it’s just her and my dad now. there are lots of other things I remember over the years.

When we were young she took a cake decorating class. I remember Barbie cakes, a particularly good rendition of the Cookie Monster, and I have a vague recollection of Big Bird. In later years she didn’t have the time for anything as fancy, but she always found a way to make it fun, even if fun was allowing us to decorate the top ourselves with candy.

I can’t tell you how many dresses she made for me while I was growing up. And my wedding dress–which was so exactly what I wanted. This last is even more amazing when you consider that she also made my sister’s dress, and the bride’s maid’s dresses for both our weddings (which were 3 weeks apart–not to mantion the refreshments. I still wonder how she managed not to collapse before my wedding).

From notes in the mail to my neices and nephews, to little reminders and phone calls (and more lately text messages) she keeps in touch with us all, and makes us feel special.