I’ve been extremely busy this week because I had lots to get settled here at home before I went to the LDS Storymakers conference this past weekend. The conference was wonderful, much bigger than any they’ve held before, and it was fabulous to see everyone again, not to mention the great things we learned. Also, my friend Danyelle and I took a first place for the first chapter of the non-fiction book we’re working on, and she took second for her first chapter in the romance division–I told her she would place with it, it was a truely awesome bit of writing!

The Whitney Awards was entertaining and exciting. To see a blow by blow of the events, go here. Jaime Theler, Hilary Blair, Tristi Pinkston, and Matthew Buckley did constant Twitter updates throughout the evening. I sat one table over from Jaime and it took half the evening before I realized that the funny chiming I kept hearing was her posting updates. Congrats to everyone who won at the Whitney’s!

I will definitely be posting more about the conference later, but I need to get ready for church.