I grew up in a home where my mom decorated our birthday cakes super fancy (at least while we were younger and she still had time to breathe). I have a vivid memory of Cookie Monster and Big Bird. I even remember a fun one with a picket fence and flower garden (Mom may post and say my memory is faulty in this one–I was younger then.).

My sisters have since carried on the tradition with their kids. My sister Kristi has even started selling her masterpieces. I stood staunchly on the side of those who have no children and therefore have no reason to make spectacular cakes.

And then my parents started selling Wilton products at their store. And while they were gone on vacation I had to ship said products for people who purchased stuff off their Website.

I was hooked.

Before they came home I had blown a serious chunk of my (admittedly small) paycheck on tips, bags, a how-to book, colorants…you get the picture. So, for the past month I’ve been pulling out my decorating equipment on Sundays and making fun masterpieces to share with my parents for Sunday dinner. And several neighbors are benefiting from my desire to NOT eat a whole batch of cookies or cupcakes by myself.

Anyway, I was so pleased with today’s attempt, I had to share. It’s far from perfect, but for my second cake in I don’t know how many years (and my first real try at roses), I just had to brag. Did I mention I’ve watched dozens of how-to videos on Youtube? I LOVE that site!