Well, Tristi‘s challenge is over and the results are in: my word count for January is 14,430. It’s not what I would have liked, but with other distractions, I’m happy enough. I actually finished my book, though I need to rework the last couple of scenes and I managed to edit most of the manuscript this month.

I also edited my previous work and sent it to critiquers. I’m waiting for the last one to come in, but I’ve made notes or corrections from the rest of them, so if I could wiggle my nose and get three or four uninterrupted days in a row, I could surely have it ready to submit.

Seeing as how that’s unlikely to happen, I’m shooting for late this month–squeezing as much time as possible to edit around my EMT class reading and studying–which I figure will take roughly twenty-five hours a week outside of class time. *sigh* Thank goodness the class will only last another five weeks.