I just had to share some pictures my husband took the other day. We opted to bring my fish in for the winter instead of messing with keeping the water open so they can breathe in the pond, especially since it’s shallow enough it could possibly freeze through if we get the cold weather the almanacs have been promising us.

My cat, Tilly has become obsessed with the fish, and spends lots of time trying to get to them every day. She hides behind the pictures that’s taped the the back of the tank and tries to sneak on them.
Then she comes around and tries from the front.blank
And finally, she jumps on top and tries to catch them through the hardware cloth mesh on top. I love hardware cloth, it’s way stronger than she is heavy. I love sitting in the living room and watching the fish. Across the room is a larger fish tank filled with four-week-old quail. I bought the tank originally for the fish (used) but it had hairline cracks in it. I think the quail are happier there anyway.