Christmas is no longer sneaking up, but rushing toward us with the stealth of an elephant, and harried shoppers are trying to finish off their lists. If you have a gardener you’re still looking out for, here are a few great ideas bound to please.

1) Gardening books–There are thousands out there, just do a search on Amazon if you don’t believe me. Topics can range from styles of gardening, types of plants, regions and much more. Nearly any gardener is going to welcome a book more new ideas and plans.

2) Gardening totes–These are a great way to keep those tools all organized. I know I’m constantly trying to figure out where I put my gloves or pruners. These come in various sizes and shapes and range in price anywhere from $5 on up.

3) Gardening tools–These range anywhere from spades and cultivators to shovels and rakes. Also, don’t forget a nice pair of gardening gloves to protect their hands from thorns and stickers.

4) Seats–these come in many shapes and sizes. The best of these are easy to move, lightweight and put up with the weather. Even for a young gardening, it can really make time spent digging weeds easier if there is a seat close to the ground.

5) Watering cans or wands–these are great for gardeners with lots of potted plants. Some cans have long nozzles to help the user reach high places and distant corners. My watering wand has a valve at the handle to turn the water off, which allows me to cut the stream between beds or areas I’m working in.

6) Cute new pots–There are lots of great ideas out there, some come in kits with plants or seeds, others are pots only. There are hundreds of types and prices on the Net or in a nearby store.

7) Plant labelers–Nost plant labels sunbleach before the first season ends, but there are some great options out there that stand up to mother nature, whethere it’s engraving the plant name onto stakes of copper or other metals or special print outs that won’t fade. Trying to keep track of different varieties is much easier with a good stake.

8) A nice calendar or notebook for writing down when seeds were started, when the first blooms appeared, or any other details the serious gardener may want to keep track of.

9) Garden decorations–From statues to gazing balls to fun or funky small water features or fountains, there are plenty of ways to dress up the garden.

10) Forced flowers–A pot with blooming flowers always makes a great gift when the snow is piling up and spring is still months away. These can be paperwhites, amaryllis, or even mums. AN added advantage is that many of these plants can be kept through the winter and put out in the garden during the summer for further flowering.