It’s still a great time to buy spring bulbs. Though the place I usually buy mine has already run out, if you poke around, you might find great deals on bulbs, both online or in a store near you. Spring-blooming bulbs can be planted well into early winter if necessary. I knew a woman who was out planting her daffodils Thanksgiving weekend in the snow, but the ground hadn’t frozen yet.

A scan over internet plant sources, and through local garden centers show most places with great discounts as they try to clear out the summer’s inventory. I’ve seen some deals for as much as 66% off. Though I haven’t had great luck with mailed live plants, I’ve had good luck with getting healthy bulbs through reputable online and mail-order nurseries. While you’re check out one of the many great businesses, which can easily be found with a quick Internet search for ‘online nurseries,’ make sure you request some of their catalogs. When winter gets too depressing, a few minutes of flipping through the colorful pictures makes me look forward to spring with excitement.

Also, if you’re planning a new bed or two, now is a great time to build it before the snow flies. If you’re interested in lasagna gardening, this is the perfect time to put those beds together with the end of the summer compost and falling leaves. Click here for directions on how to build a lasagna bed. Even if you’re planning a more traditional addition to your yard, now might be the right time to get it ready for spring planting.