It snowed in my town this weekend, as it did through most of the state. It melted again within a day (my favorite kind of snow) but it’s a reminder that winter is just around the bend. I love the way the snow looks, glistening on the plant stalks and flower heads as they bob in the morning light, but I’m ready to return to fall weather.

Landscaping isn’t only about which plants to put where or what colors you want to add, it’s also about adding other decorations to the yard, whether they be made of stone, glass, or other materials. Right now a number of my neighbors have straw bales, pumpkins, bunches of dried corn stalks and other Halloween/fall decorations in the front yards. Orange lights twinkle on porch railings and giant blow-up pumpkins or ghosts grace many a yard.
Those farmer’s markets that are still being held as the weather turns frosty have lots of pumpkins, gourds and other winter squash available for sale. I’ve been eying pumpkin patches, wondering if I’ll have time to carve a jack-o-lantern myself. If not, I suppose I can always turn the pumpkin into pies later on.Don’t be afraid to perk up the yard with a harvest display, and if you live in colder areas, now might be the time to begin putting up Christmas lights. I know if I don’t get mine done soon, the snow will start piling up and I’ll be struggling with clips and strings of lights in my numb fingers and fighting not to fall off the snow-slicked ladder.