After a tragic accident takes her husband’s life on Christmas Eve the previous year, single mom, Emma, is finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit, in fact, she’s struggling with continual depression and crying herself to sleep each night. When her six-year-old daughter insists that she had a dream that Heavenly Father was going to let her daddy visit at Christmas, Emma doesn’t know how to tell her it won’t happen.

Then, on December 13, two of her sons find a mysterious letter that is sealed in wax with an SC pressed into it. When the whole family is home and she opens the letter, it is signed Santa. This begins a Twelve days of Christmas festivity that slowly brings Emma out of her shell, helps her to let go of the heartache and bitterness that had filled her for the previous year, and teaches the whole family about the true Spirit of Christmas.

Stacy Gooch-Anderson has done a masterful job of writing a touching tale that captures your attention and holds on. I didn’t want to put it down and, in fact, spent an entire morning reading it. It’s a shorter book, under 200 pages, and it’s an easy read. I would recommend this book to anyone, of any denomination, for a touching tale that gently weaves in the true meaning of Christmas–remembering Christ’s birth, giving service and learning to love our family better.

This book is hardbound and can be purchased at Amazon or from Deseret Book.