Summer vegetables are starting to overflow your kitchen? Those veggies don’t have to be reserved for eating, you know. After a hectic summer, and back-to-school routine getting the kids ready for the new year, you deserve a break, and a bit of pampering.

Image by David Christensen from Pixabay

Cucumber, one of the most common garden vegetables, can be used in many pampering recipes. Care for a facial? No problem.

Cucumber masks use part of the vegetable–usually a couple of inches or more up to half. Simply split it open and remove the seeds. Then place your unskinned cucumber in the blender with one egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Some recipes also call for a teaspoon of witch hazel or mint. Blend about ten minutes or until it is a smooth paste. many experts say you should refrigerate the mix for up to ten minutes before use. Apply and wait fifteen to twenty minutes, then remove with warm water and pat your face dry.

This can be an important part of your skin care, and can be used two to three times a week. Don’t use a mask more often or it can dry out your skin or cause irritation.

Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay.

Don’t have twenty minutes to wait for the mask to dry? Try a cucumber cleanser in your shower every morning instead. Simply blend a cucumber with half a cup of whole milk. When it is smooth, strain out any bits of seed and place in a jar. This mix should be refrigerated between uses and lasts five to seven days. it’s a good idea to test out a bit on your arm if you’ve never used this before–just to make sure you won’t have any funny reactions or rashes appear on your face.

There are lots of recipes out there for peeling masks, toner, and other refreshing choices. And don’t forget, when you eyes are baggy, a few minutes with cucumber slices on them can clear those bags right up.