So my friend Tristi Pinkston has many blogs. I don’t know how she manages to keep up with them all, and her kids, and her writing, etc, etc, but she’s amazing (and she’s a dang awesome writer too). Anyway, on her blog Tristi’s Challenges, she’s got more than two dozen writers gearing up for another Book In A Month write-athon. She lets us set our own goals, and then expects us to check in and let her know what’s going on. Since I’ve been tiptoeing around my latest project, I decided to take her challenge to heart and get it done.

My writing goal is to spend at least two hours a day editing/writing or 2,000 words at least five days a week (six would be better.) If I do this, I figure I’ll finish the manuscript I’m working on, manage to make all the changes my brilliant critiquers are suggesting, (I’m such a slacker, I have a stack of five chapters waiting for me to make the changes on the computer), and maybe throw in some other work on other projects in there if I get burnt out of this one too much. I’m rather a butterfly that way in my writing–I play with one for a while, then flip to something else after a while.