My good friend, Danyelle, is always getting tagged before me, and then sharing the joy. She is evil, but since she’s obviously dying to see all of the grubby details of my life, I decided to participate. lol After all, I needed an excuse not to rotate the laundry, change the sheets on the bed, pack for my trip in the morning….I actually thought about responding to this while I was camping with my family, thinking how funny it would be to take a picture of the water spigot instead of my sink, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll have internet (an RV campground is not exactly roughing it.).

Here goes:
1) My Kitchen Sink
Yeah, it’s not exactly Fly Lady clean, but you can see the bottom, right?

2)Inside My fridgeIt’s looking pretty empty because I didn’t want to stock up before we go away for a long weekend–notice the four eggs cartons–anyone looking for free-range eggs?

3) My Favorite ShoesblankI bought these a few months ago when my other black heels were way beyond saving. I love the little bows, but the heels are a good inch taller than the ones I replaced, so they aren’t exactly made for walking–or standing in front of a primary class for an hour.

4) My closetblankMy closet is not the largest space I’ve ever seen, and we are constantly having to slide the doors from my side to my husband’s, but it fits everything.

5) The laundry pile
blankMy pile is getting down since I’ve been trying to get things washed.

6) What my kids are doing right nowblankblank
I don’t have any kids, just pets, and my dogs have already been shipped of to my MIL’s for the weekend, so you get to see my birds. the three geese in the back are grooming themselves after a refreshing swim in the freshly refilled pond. And the chicken on the far right is suffering from, um, over-excited rooster syndrome from back when I had too many roosters late this winter. They should be molting soon so they’ll be beautiful again before the cold hits.

7) My favorite roomblankI know it’s not really a room, but I love to sit out by my pond with my laptop in the evening. I push the top cushion up to use as a backrest on the bench and listen to the water trickling. In fact, I’m working on this blog by the pond. I haven’t finished the landscaping around the pond quite yet, but it’ll do for now.

8) My most recent purchaseblank
Exciting purchase, I know. I bought the gummies and red vines for the trip. The onion is for the night my husband and I are in charge of dinner (it’s a big family gathering and we take turns), and the soda is for the peach cobbler I’m planning to make…one of the nights. I hope I have everything else I need.

9) My fantasy vacationblankblankblankblank

I’ve always wanted to go to England–where my great-grandmother was born. In fact, the day my husband and I were engaged, I made him promise to take me there someday. We’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary this summer, but I don’t see that trip coming much closer. Ah well, this is fantasy, right? Maybe next year.

10) Self portraitblank
I stood in front of the mirror to take this–that way I could see if I was actually centered in the picture.

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