I took some downtime this week to crack open a book that has been tempting me for several weeks. My friend Danyelle told me about Jennifer Stewart Griffith’s book Delicious Conversations months ago, and brought her copy with her from Kansas for me to lend me when we got together for the recent LDS Storymaker’s Conference. I found the idea intriguing and squeezed some timblanke in for it this week.

The back cover says:
Susannah Hapsburg is totally ready for Plan C. Plan A was to get married at 22, and have a passel of kids. Still unmarried and 31, that option is out. Plan B was to work her way up the corporate ladder. However, the company she devoted eight years to just went bankrupt, giving her a bad taste for the corporate world. Which leavers her with Plan C.

Plan C involves chocolate.

With the support of friends, Susannah puts her future on the line to open up downtown Salt Lake City’s first all-chocolate cafe, The Chocolate Bar, a place where scrumptious conversations and delectable desserts abound.

In the midst of all this, social turmoil hits Susannah when she catches the interest of the city’s most eligible bachelor just as her long-lost love returns to town–with intention of marrying anyone but Susannah.

Can Plan C offer Susannah her just desserts?

Once I got into the book, I could hardly put it down. I was picking up the book at every red light to read just a few more sentences–I wonder if that had anything to do with my getting lost on the way to critique group?

Anyway, the dialog was fun, the descriptions detailed enough to paint a picture without being overblown, and the twists and turns kept me guessing to the end. And did I mention the fabulous recipes at the end of every chapter? I can’t wait to try out Chocolate Avalanche, though I think I might give the chocolate chili a pass until I’m going to a big potluck gathering.

I’m definitely going to go seek out her other books. Jennifer Stewart Griffith is also the author of Choosing Mr. Right and A Little Sisterly Advice.

Oh, and Danyelle, I’ll have to send you a new copy, since I seem to have gotten this one a bit water logged. No loss, since that means I can keep a copy of the book for myself!