First off, I’ve had at least half a dozen ideas for posts pop into my head over the past week but I’ve been way too busy to blog. At least that’s my excuse. I’m sure I’ll be posting about the Storymakers conference for a while as I review my notes and digest the many words of wisdom.

Now for the news. I submitted five first chapters to the first chapter contest the LDS Storymakers held this year–the price per submission wasn’t much and I knew I would get feedback, making it well worth it. Well, All my submission were in romance/womens fiction and my stories placed in both first and second! This was a really huge honor since I know there were other entries in my category that were very good. Of course, at least one of my other entries returned with some constructive criticism that will lead to my writing a whole new beginning, but that was valuable feedback as well.

Anyway, the conference was wonderful, and really gave me that kick in the pants that I needed to finish my final polish on one story, and get to work on my first place winner–which is not quite complete and in need of serious revision-plot wise. It has morphed significantly since it’s first conception–as is proved by the fact that I’ve rewritten the first chapter at least five times. Now I have to decide exactly which path I want my characters to take, and see if my characters will accommodate my wishes. lol