OK, so Connie Hall over at LDSwriterblogck tagged me a few weeks back and I’ve been way to distracted with other things to follow through, so I decided it was time I got around to it.
What were you doing ten years ago? Taking summer classes at Southern Utah University, working in the deli of a gas station and having a ton of fun with my roommates and neighbors.

What were you doing one year ago? Working part-time at the library, part-time for my parents in their store, part-time in our computer business and reading a heck of a lot.

Five snacks you enjoy: 1) Anything chocolate 2) Popcorn-even just plain from the air popper 3) A slice of homemade bread slathered in butter and strawberry jam 4) ice cream 5) cookies.

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: I have to pick just five? 1) Most of the songs in Handel’s Messiah, 2) Anything off of my VoiceMale CDs 3) The entire Newsies soundtrack 4) most of the play list from the Manti radio station (I was raised on easy listening) 5) The modern LDS Pride and Prejudice soundtrack—which is easily among my favorites for writing to

Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Take a trip to Europe, pay off my bills, those of my family members and finish my landscaping this year instead of sometime before 2020.

Five bad habits 1) I often leave my clean laundry piled in the other room for several days before getting round to folding/hanging it 2) procrastinating my writing because I found this fascinating book I can’t put down 3) eating too many sweets 4) leaving the sliding glass door unlocked after I let the dog back in—I can’t wait until we put the new door in 5) Letting the duck/goose “pond” go more than three days between changes

Five things you like to do: 1) read 2) work in my yard –but not when it’s 90 degrees out 3) play with my birds or four-legged fur babies 4) goof off with my sisters 5) Just sit on the porch at night in the dark and smell my flowers
Things you will never wear again: 1) Bangs sprayed to stay two inches above the top of my head 2) Pants pegged until they are tight on my calves 3) size 6 jeans 4) half a gallon of soft ice cream mix 5) Blue eye shadow

Five favorite toys: 1) laptop, 2) cell phone 3) digital camera 4) mini photo printer 5) ipod

Where will you be in ten years: Hopefully still in this house, writing for profit, and still playing with my animals. I’m actually not going to tag anyone else, even though it is a gross violation of the rules because everyone I know has already been tagged, and I just like flouting tradition.